Islamic Quotes

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

Whoever is kind Allah will be kind to him, therefore, be kind to man on earth. He who is in heaven will show mercy on you.

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How to do Umrah

How To do Umrah, Every faith in this World has set convinced rites and ritual to be followed by their believer. Islam has 5 characteristic basics for Muslims.

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All pillars are compulsory and authenticate their significance. Incorporated in the middle of the essential rituals- Umrah is one of the best part significant and heavenly acts of adoration.

What Is Umrah?

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How To do Umrah, The sound Umrah is resulting from the Arabic word I’timaar which income to disburse a call. In Islam, this admiring prayer income visits the Holy city of Makkah and circumambulating (tawaf) seven times approximately the Holy Ka’aba. Umrah can be performed anytime throughout a year at Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

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Islam is one of the Beautiful Religion on Earth

Concept of Allah

Concept of Allah

Islam gives a exclusive aspect that is dissimilar from other faith in conditions of the name. The word Islam signifies the compliance to the Lord of the Heavens. The most excellent part is that it acknowledges the individuality, enormity, and whole excellence of Allah SWT. This idea is reflected in the wisdom and attributes of massive Allah.

Highlights both Faith and Evidence

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The faith is simply based on evidence in Islam. It is a religion that encourages individuals to make use of their cleverness and consider over the universe. Although the life is just a test, Allah SWT has provided sufficient signs and direction to individuals who are honest and open-minded to know the truth.

Quran is from Allah

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Quran is a miracle of Allah SWT. This can be deduced from many miracles, signs, and proofs all verifying that Quran is the sound of Allah. Some basis proves are:

Quran is free of contradictions and errors in spite of the fact that it was exposed over a time period of twenty-three years.

The technical facts mentioned in the Quran are recently exposed even though Quran is revealed 1400 years before.

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